TNC24: 10-14 June 2024 | Rennes, France

TNC24: Rennes, France | 10-14 June 2024


Every year at TNC, we aim to make sustainable choices to reduce our environmental impact and work towards responsible and transparent practices. This is part of a process of continuous improvement.

Responsible hospitality

The conference venue, Le Couvent des Jacobins, is ISO 20121 certified. The venue works to relieve the strain on local infrastructure and utilities, implementing responsible hospitality actions in Rennes as well as controlling environmental and societal impacts of its activities. Similarly, the French PCO agency Live! by GL events, partnering with TNC24, also stands out as a committed and certified ISO 20121 entity. They actively engage as conscientious stakeholders, emphasizing responsible practices and transparent communication throughout event planning and execution.


Monsieur M, the TNC24 caterer, is a proud eco-responsible company. Its internal social responsibility policy is implemented through a responsible management system with the objective of maintaining the International ISO 20 121 certification. They exclusively use
local products and know-how from small Breton producers and/or craftsmen sourced in short circuits. Prioritizing nearby resources minimizes transportation emissions, promotes community engagement, and contributes to responsible event planning.


Monsieur M prioritizes recycling, avoiding food waste and single-use materials, such as for the packaging of meals or cocktail trays, which are biodegradable and are collected by the Maple Leaf at the end of the event. All food waste produced during TNC24 will be distributed to the caterer’s partners associations “Red Cross” and “Supply Network”.

More vegetarian

We have consciously increased the number of vegetarian options to help reduce TNC24’s carbon footprint.

Greener modes
of transport

GÉANT staff have a remit to travel to Rennes by train, ferry, bus or even by bike, we actively encourage all participants to use public transportation where possible to help lessen the environmental impact of TNC24.

Sustainable event

Most of TNC24 promotional materials are digital. What we do print is produced in Europe on paper from responsibly managed and FSC-certified forests.
We no longer design event specific lanyards but provide generic GÉANT lanyards for our events and collect them at the end so that they can be re-used. Should you wish to bring your own lanyard, feel free to do so!

We'd love to hear your ideas on sustainability

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