TNC24: 10-14 June 2024 | Rennes, France

TNC24: Rennes, France | 10-14 June 2024


Colours of Light: Non-Data Network Services
Once upon a time, our optical networks existed primarily to send and receive IP data packets. While it is still the case in many networks and while more and more data packets are travelling all around the world, the landscape is changing, in some networks faster than in others. In this session, we will hear about emerging ways how our optical network infrastructure can be used for quantum technologies, transfer of time and frequency services, and with the use of fibre sensing - what is happening under the sea.
Collaboration for the Future
Collaboration is a vital part of any community and this is especially true for the GÉANT and global R&E communities. While the results of collaboration are important, just as it's vital to continue to collaborate, we must always be looking toward the future. This session will include a series of presentations covering searching for innovative ideas, case studies to inspire and some specific calls to collaborate and improve things for us all. We all work best when we work together and collaboration is not just needed in the future, it's needed to ensure we have one!
In the Classroom
This track dives into the world of educational technology, exploring the transformative impact of digital credentials on the European educational landscape, the orchestrated deployment of virtual labs for immersive learning experiences, and the innovative integration of Jupyter Notebooks with SUNET Drive for enhanced research and teaching. Join us to discover how these advancements are reshaping learning, validation, and collaboration in the classroom and beyond.
Future Automation and Digital Twins
Network automation plays a key role in improving operational efficiency and minimizing manual errors. However, it goes beyond mere efficiency or consistency; it becomes indispensable for rapidly adapting to changing network demands and facilitating seamless digital transformation. In this session, we are going go one step beyond from network automation, with an introduction to the reasons to use service orchestration, a practical example on the usage of a single source of truth together with GP4L, and an innovative strategy for evaluating infrastructure, spotlighting digital twins with a specialized focus on optical networks
Quality Education
Digital Freedoms
Unlock Digital Freedoms with us, exploring pathways to reclaim control in the digital age. Learn from SURF, SUNET, and GÉANT about taming tech giants, revitalising open-source commitments, and crafting a future of freely flowing digital credentials.
The Trust Roots That Make Research Grow
Trust is the basis for all collaboration, including research collaboration. Prepare for a journey exploring efficient trust architectures, how trust is established in research utilising the most private we have - our genomic data - and what’s ahead for the GÉANT Core AAI. The audience will deepen their understanding of how trust is established now and in the future
From Global to Local and Back
This session will make us wonder about the challenges to be able to build a global network where local, regional, national and continental network infrastructures form an easily accessed asset to set up end to end connectivity. While this strategic vision is based on assuming that capacity is no longer a problem, there are still some challenging areas that require innovation to deliver connectivity in order to be able to belong to this global research network. In this session we will have the opportunity to know more about two regions with a complex geography and lack of access to network infrastructure and how they are addressing this complexity.
Opening Plenary
Artificial Intelligence for Research and Education - Opportunities and Risks
Leading experts in the field of AI will be discussing how they will be approaching AI to support R&E
T&I on the Fly With Guy
Get ready to soar through the skies of innovation as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Trust & Identity. In this session, we'll be exploring new horizons and see how NRENs are shaping the future 'on the fly'.
Where networks and security collide
This session focusses on the implementation of security principles and actions with concrete experiences in the field. One presentation will expose how the 4 MANRS actions have been successfully implemented in practice to increase secure routing in the context of a large R&E network. A second presentation will expose some of the limitations of the zero-trust security concept in practice. The last presentation will present the experience of an NREN hosting Tor exit relays
Leading the Way, Shaping the future
This session investigates what NREN future holds for us and how we can go about it. We will unpack it from different dimensions: how to ensure we have leaders that are fit for the future challenges, reflect on how to build a universe where research and education knowledge can flourish and finally hear from the GN5-1 Foresight Study task on the trends, challenges and strategical paths identified for the European NREN community beyond 2030. The presentations will certainly leave you pondering.
Connecting the Planet
Local, regional, or global scale - networks are part of the way we work. Because our networks are integral to our everyday life, measuring, analyzing, and improving what they do and how they work is a crucial part of their lifecycle. In this session we will investigate just how that is done on real networks with real results
Gifts from the heavens
"Space. The final frontier." - what once belonged to futuristic imaginary is now the standard operating territory of NRENs, as this session exemplifies. Our speakers arrive from quite distant locations on the surface of the planet, but they all share the great expanse as their workspace. Either to provide connectivity or to advance science on weather, climate or other matters, they all rely on satellites, and are ready to share their experiences and present their infrastructures.
Responsible Innovation
How can we navigate the complexities of innovation responsibly? This session offers practical insights into ethical AI use, enhancing EdTech through collaboration, and addressing legal challenges in higher education research and development.
The Next Hop in Networking
We have become accustomed to the continuous and rapid development of network technologies. New signaling protocols are constantly being developed, faster interfaces are available and more powerful devices are becoming available. In this dynamic environment, aspects of control plane stability and security, data transmission efficiency and adaptation of new technologies are very important. During this session we will hear about issues related to the analysis and diagnostics of the key Internet protocol BGP , the use of an open source router in 5G technology and methods to increase the efficiency of large data transmission
Lightning Talks: First Strike
Lightning Talks are 5 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary story, collaboration invitation, quick tip or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. The rules for this session are easy: five minutes and only five minutes to get your message heard by the audience.
Closing Plenary
United or divided: How will our community be working together by 2040?
In a time of growing global challenges, this session will analyse the current and future Geopolitical trends that could influence our combined infrastructures, services, and more importantly, relationships, across the world. With speakers contributing from the European Union, the United Kingdom, UbuntuNet Alliance, and Japan, the aim of this session is to unpack and discover not just the key policy initiatives and bilateral relations that will define dynamics between different regional blocks, but also assess how these could become manifested in our shared perceptions and working relationships between them.
Try, test & measure
Join us for an informative network session on "Try, Test & Measure,” featuring three talks. Explore Brazil's pioneering journey with OpenRAN and the establishment of a nationwide testbed. Discover the collaborative effort between GEANT and ESnet in creating an interoperable DTN Testing Facility for international science projects. And delve into the implementation of EOSC Monitoring, Messaging, and Accounting using ARGO services, fostering interoperability within the research community.
Coding your network
Join us for an insightful session on network automation! Learn how our community members have designed and deployed network orchestration setups. We will have talks on the tools used to achieve network service orchestration. Discover parallel journeys of ESnet and Internet2, showcasing their similar yet unique automation paths. Closing the session with a presentation on migrating an entire network, making use of automation and orchestration.
Let's talk about SOCs, baby
Security Operation Centers (SOCs) have been a hot topic for some time now. In this session, we will hear how three NRENs are taking different approaches to help their members. Hear how RNP (Brasil) has a holistic vision for their SOC, how Restena (Luxemburg) has developed tooling to help organisations to grow their own SOC capabilities and how CESNET (Czech Republic) is helping the hospitals in their membership base with their hSOC. Come to be inspired, stay to keep a tally how many times we can say 'SOC' in one session.
Lightning Talks: Second Strike
Lightning Talks are 5 minute presentations focusing on one key point. This can be an idea, successful project, a cautionary story, collaboration invitation, quick tip or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. The rules for this session are easy: five minutes and only five minutes to get your message heard by the audience.
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